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Singapore-based, high tech company founded by a group of like-minded technology savvy Singaporeans. We are for Greener and Smarter Cities. Our vision is to support Cities on the Sustainability movement with the aim to transform experiences for the community, enhance performance of the infrastructure by adopting the use of Innovative and Green technologies.

We believe that only through constant Innovation will allow us to stay relevant in this ever changing technology driven world.

Engineering Excellence

We always strive for excellence in our solution development, engineering research and design thinking.

Customer Centric

We listen to understand and that will ensure our customers and partners always receive great service from us.

Our Services

We have established ourselves as a leading Singapore technology company delivering Smart Nation, Smart Cities technologies in Singapore and in the region. We are focused in deliver solutions in the Built Sector, Facilities Management, Energy Management and Engineering services sectors using the Cloud, Mobility, IOT and Big Data technologies.

At S3 Innovate, we aim to deliver an integrated, smart, secure, and comprehensive platform using open IoT development framework. We want to disrupt the Building Management and Facilities Management industries by introducing smarter solutions and augment manpower with technologies.

With the ever-increasing amount of data that is collected, the important value is to gain actionable business insights which will help the stakeholders to operate and plan their future infrastructure needs better.

Smart Facilities Management Platform

To provide a truly integrated FM platform to service the 3 Key areas in Smart FM: Asset Monitoring and Maintenance, FM Services Management and Workspace and Employee Engagement Management.

Lightweight Easy to Deploy Integrated Platform

S3 Innovate Smart Facilities Management Platform is a Lightweight cloud platform which allow building and estate owners to pilot their needs and achieve their desired outcomes quickly.

Real-time and Secure

The Platform allows Users to monitor their building assets performance real time and suggest ways for them to increase the asset efficiency or lower the energy or water consumption.

Smart Building Occupancy and Environmental Sensing Solutions

Occupancy comfort for employees or tenants are becoming more important in recent times. Employee productivity and tenant satisfaction are being tracked seamlessly and provide the employer or landlord instant feedback on issues or proactively resolve problems before they are being reported.

Enabling Access to Building Performance and Occupant Engagement

The ability to connect building data from varied sources such as BMS/BAS systems, existing or new sensors will allow an integrated view of the building health, optimizing and improving performance of the building. Energy sustainability, Operations efficiency and occupant comfort should be key considerations for the industry.

Mobile Digital Services, Field Engineering and Smart Applications Development

Bringing smart technologies, applications and actionable insights to users quickly and intuitively is key in this modern digital world. Enterprises, SMEs or Government agencies will need to be transformed digitally to stay ahead in this competitive global climate and achieve higher productivity and lower operating costs.

Mobile Digital Services

Re-inventing how work processes are done today with pen and paper to fully digitalized checklist on mobile applications using tablets and phones.

Customised Applications Development

Hardware manufacturing capabilities such as building gateways using BACNET, Zigbee and other industry protocols and we assemble different kind of sensors for environment sensing and performance management. We practise Agile development and User experience design for all our development work.

Our Products

Together with our industry partners we bring over 25 years of industry knowledge specifically in 3 key areas: Sustainable Building and Environment technologies, Smart and Interactive Facilities Management Solutions and Modern Asset Inspection and Maintenance applications powered by the Internet of Everything possibilities.
Smart Facilities Management and Concierge Services

All in One Occupancy and Indoor Environmental Quality (IAQ) Sensors
Smart Intuitive Booking Mobile Application on all platforms
Intuitive and self service visitor kiosk and concierge services

Resources usage compliance and energy savings outcomes
Improve planning and utilization of facilities
Enhance visitors and employee experiences using technologies

Building and Assets Efficiency with Environment Monitoring Portal

End to end connection from BMS/BAS to Smart gateway and sensors to the Cloud
Modelling of Energy consumption of Chillers and other building workloads
Predictive Fault Management and Alerting capabilities
Supports Building and Construction Authority of Singapore Green Mark 2015 Scheme
Contribute towards Singapore’s participation in the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group a. http://www.c40.org/case_studies/singapore-greens-existing-buildings-through-green-mark-certification-audit-and-benchmarking-legislation-package
Open platform on the cloud for any BMS/BAS systems, environment sensors and gateways to connect to and drive actionable insights

Mobile Asset Inspection and Maintenance System with IOT

Digitalized manual forms, checklists and drawings into mobile applications
Compatible on all modern iOS and Android mobile devices
Intuitive Dashboards and Analysis Tools

Improve operational performance
Improve Time and cost savings
Enhance Data Accuracy and Audit Compliance

Trusted by MNCs and established corporations

This collaboration with NUS is a step towards enhancing our building energy management system capabilities across JTC estates and buildings. This is part of JTC’s commitment in driving sustainability in our developments.- Mr Koh Chwee, Director of Technical Services, JTC Corporation
Through this research and development initiative with NUS, we aim to enhance overall building performance, including energy management, via data analytics and software development. With the implementation of innovative solutions to create smarter buildings, we strive to build a sustainable future for generations to come.- Mr Tan Swee Yiow, President (Singapore) of Keppel Land
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